Our Municipality started “Panagoulia” festival in 80s in order to honor fighter Alexandro Panagouli. The festival takes place in Alexandros Panagoulis square which is a few meters away from the place he left his last breath.

“Panagoulia” became in one of the most important cultural events in the country, dedicated to the fighter of freedom, democracy, human rights and personal and political freedom. Thanks to his moral values he inspires new generations not only in Greece, but Internationally.

In more than 30 year of the festival, participation is big from runners to peaople of spirit, politics and sciense. During the festival, in the second day, “Eirinodromia” takes place.

OPAPs intention is to create a massive event with the participation of more than 2000 runners from Ag. Dimitrios Municipality as well as the Region of Attica. Our participation in “Eirinodromia” has the meaning of support for those who are chased from their countries, betrayed, and for those who miss the fundamental goods for survival and freedom.

Spilios Diavolitsis

President of OPAP Ag. Dimitriou