“Eirinodromia”, which is taking place among other events during “Panagoulia” festival, it’s not an ordinary athletic event. For us, it is a race for “Peace”.

This is the symbolic meaning we have given to this event all these years. We want all the participants, athletes and citizens, of every age, respecting fair play to run for victory symbolicly and dedicate their race to honor the people that are in war and refuge. We want every one to race for all those not able to enjoy freedon and democracy.

“Eirinodromia” except a big celebration of peace is now taking a more professional aspect.

Municipality of Ag. Dimitrios colaboration with SEGAS in order to include “Eirinodromia” to the official race calendar, gives to the event professional character, transforming it to a great event, attracting to runners, athletes and students from areas around Ag. Dimitrios as well as from the entier region of Attica.

This year we all participate. We race for Peace!

Maria Androutsou